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Makeup Lessons


I love being able to teach others the many skills I have taught myself over the years, therefore I am also fully qualified in offering makeup lessons. My lessons consist of myself demonstrating any chosen look on any chosen face (this can be your own or a model) and you will copy after each stage. I will ensure you leave me feeling confident to recreate the look then once the lesson is complete a full  list of products, brushes and techniques will be sent to you.

I offer a variety of different lesson types for every age and every ethnicity using your own makeup bag or mine - 

A makeup lesson on yourself

Makeup lessons on others (perfect for aspiring muas at any level)

Bridal Makeup Lessons (perfect for those going abroad or have opted to do it theirselves on the day)

Group makeup lessons (these are a perfect idea for a hen party of girls night)

Please just enquire for pricing :)

A choice of any look can be taught - opposite you will see my client recreating a flawless glowy soft glam look on herself. My client requested to a lesson using my professional kit as she was an aspiring mua so asked to use a mixture of high end and high street products so that she was able to build a kit of her own which would be a little more affordable.

I will always adapt to every one of your needs, whether that be to improve your skills or tackle any struggles you may have using products or covering any skin concerns eg acne, dryness, oiliness, anything! 

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